Client Endorsements

Client Endorsements

Jim Zadeh, Law office of Jim Zadeh, PC,  Fort Worth, Texas

35★45 Consulting® (and its predecessor Griffing Network) has served as my law firm consultant since 2001. They are outstanding. Nancy Griffing is a big brain who can quickly learn your business model and provide your business with suggestions for the optimal hardware, software and technology. Arthur Cruz is a wizard at physically setting up and then maintaining Nancy’s vision. … But now 35★45 has raised their game by bringing in nationwide experts to further help their clients. Caren Schwartz is a QuickBooks and finance guru who can help you link up and run your case management program with your accounting software. Kate Heath is a meticulous, responsive, and extremely pleasant financial expert who can help with any bookkeeping/finance questions you may need. Kate kept my books so clean that I had all my financial information to my accountants for tax purposes by the end of February. They are also always adding new experts. Hire 35★45 Consulting. You won’t be sorry.

Arlene Perez, Ytterberg Deery Knull LLP, Houston, Texas

This week we have seen Troy, Margarito, David, and Eladio. They have all done an outstanding job. They have installed software, rolled out hardware, and solved user problems. They even figured out why my Surface Pro wouldn’t display on the television screen in the conference room.

You guys have a talented team and deserve kudos. I know that leadership starts at the top, so kudos to you as well. You do a great job of leading by example!

What Clients are Saying about 35★45 Business Pulse:

Bob Williamson, Constantine Cannon LLP

Business pulse is a great addition to Time Matters, the reports it generates is a cut above the standard reports. It is very easy to use along with the ability to customize your reports to what you need. I would recommend anyone to add this when they install Time Matters.

Deborah Tyler Blais, Controller –Colodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky, Abate & Webb, P.A.

I definitely like how quickly Reports can be modified. The program starts up quickly and the Reports run much faster than in Custom Reports. It’s great that any report can be saved in pdf or Excel format. That fact that there are not the dating issues that existed in Custom Reports is great. All in all, I think it is a much more stable program and easier to work with.

Ronald M. Milam, Sr. , Legal Administrator/Controller   Wilson, Robertson & Cornelius PC

Business Pulse provides information critical to our firm at three levels:  Financial, Operational, and Individual Performance. Business Pulse provides the firm with concise financial information concerning Work-in-Process, Accounts Receivable, and Revenues. The firm can monitor growth (trend and/or seasonal) by reporting the total work product (billed and unbilled) expressed in either dollars or hour in each calendar period and comparing that information against prior calendar periods or against the same calendar period in a prior year. In the rare instance where a  report is not available, Business Pulse provides the tools to export data to spreadsheet software for analysis and reporting. Business Pulse provides operational information by market segment on Fees, Costs, Hours, and Accounts Receivable. These factors allow the firm to determine which market segments are the most profitable and to make operational decisions on where to redeploy resources based on analysis from Business Pulse reports and Business Pulse Dashboard models. Valuable information can be gathered on the relative size of each market segment, which market segments have most associated costs per revenue dollar, which market segments generate higher revenue dollars per hour and which market segments generate faster cash flow.  Business Pulse provides performance information by client, matter. market segment, attorney, and staff. Business Pulse allows management to look at both the broader picture and at the detail.  Where clients have many matters that are being handled by several attorneys within the firm, management can view a summary of the entire client history, client history by attorney, client history by matter, or client history by attorney by matter. Likewise, if the matters for a client cover several areas of practice, these can be viewed in summary or by practice segment.  Attorney performance can be analyzed at the responsible attorney level where a senior attorney may supervise several subordinates or at the staff level where an attorney does work for several senior attorneys. In summary, Business Pulse provides a full complement of Dashboard drill-down tools, traditional reports, and data export methods needed to monitor and manage our firm in a very competitive environment.

What Clients are Saying about 35★45 Team Members:

Deidad and Jimmy Benincasa, Benincasa Law Firm, Vero Beach, Florida

We have found 35★45 to be an entity with expertise and service level not available in our community.  Their knowledge and responsiveness has made our firm more effective, without downtime.  We are very happy to have partnered with them to take care of all our technology needs.

Tamara Chapman, Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch P.C., Washington D.C.

Kate Heath is an absolute joy to work with. Her skill in Sage Timeslips and Quickbooks is amazing and greatly appreciated. She is always available to help with a positive and eager attitude. She introduces me to new and easy ways to complete different tasks. It is always a pleasure working with her. I am so grateful for her and I could not ask for a better consultant.

Ross P. Griffith, Griffith, Jay & Michel, LLP, Fort Worth, Texas

Robert Rice of 35★45 Consulting® has counseled and guided with the tech side of management of our law practice for almost 15 years. He has advised and helped us develop a practice and data structure that prepared and allowed us to successfully transition into a paperless environment. The further we moved into that environment, we learned that Robert had really covered all of the bases and made us appreciate more. In more recent years, he has worked with us to analyze and ultimately decide to transition our office to the cloud. He has played a significant part in every technology decision we have made since 2002. Robert’s skills, professionalism, knowledge, experience, and temperament has been and continues to be an invaluable resource for us. Having Robert on our team has made our live so much easier, and greatly improved the efficiency and profitability of our office.

William Winslow, Controller for Redgrave & Rosenthal

Carolyn has been a great resource to our firm in the short time that we have known her. She has been very helpful in assisting us with the selection, purchase and implementation of our new time and billing and client database systems. As part of that process, she introduced us to the principal of an excellent IT company at a time when we really needed one to lead us through a complete hardware and software conversion. We have been able to count on Carolyn to always follow up and she is relentless in working with software vendors to resolve problems or help us get answers to our questions. She has also introduced us to her colleagues, one of whom has gone out of the way to help us with a specialized problem “because we are Carolyn’s client.” In addition, she very attentively shepherded us through our software vendor’s national meeting, making sure we met important vendor representatives and assisting us in determining which sessions would be the most beneficial for us to attend. This relationship with Carolyn, which has led to those with her various associates, too, has allowed us to completely update our firm from the standpoint of our hardware and software.

Jeffery Kehl, Kehl, Katzive, and Simon, LLP, New York City, New York

It is a pleasure to confirm the outstanding service which has consistently been provided to our firm Michael Cash.

We retained Mike’s services some months after we started the firm in early 2004, and after we had started using PCLaw. We had encountered initial issues setting up proper table of accounts and setting up revenue and expense allocations; Mike immediately solved our problems, and has proven to be an invaluable resource ever since. He has guided us through several PCLaw upgrades, and has created and modified customized reports for client billing and internal reporting and analysis.

Mike has comprehensive knowledge of PC Law and its capabilities, and also understands how to deal with software and hardware compatibility issues. Of at least equal significance, he understands law firm accounting principles and has trained our office staff to manage all aspects of our accounting system. His assistance to us has gone far beyond simply maintaining the PC Law software.

Mike is entirely accessible, and immediately responsive, by telephone, by e-mail, in person, and through internet conferencing. He has always solved our problems and made value-added suggestions, and we and our staff enjoy working with him. All of us can recommend Mike’s services, skills, and personal qualities without reservation.

Judith D. Schultz, Esq., New York Per Diem Legal Services, PLLC, Millbrook, NY

Thank you so much Caren! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you’ve done. The more I use and become familiar with the TimeMatters program and the customizations that you’ve done, the more I am so grateful! Looking forward to becoming more familiar with the billing/accounting component as well.