HotDocsTM is a powerful and flexible document generation tool.  With it you can create libraries of key phases or conditional text so that you and your staff can assemble a complex document with logic by simply filling in a questionnaire.  HotDocs can talk directly to your data to produce logic based documents with user prompts, conditional clauses and detailed logic.  Our 35★45 specialists can help you:

  • Create your own forms, or we can do it for you.
  • Benefit from the efficiency of automatic assembly.
  • Link when there is no HotDocs link included in your software.

Let us help design a plan for you!


ActionStep combines with HotDocs

Cloud-based law practice management software, ActionStep, announces its integration with market-leading document generation software solution, HotDocs. ActionStep is the only practice management of its kind to offer integration with HotDocs Cloud Services, a recently launched, cloud-based document generation platform. ActionStep is a comprehensive web-based legal practice management solution that helps law professionals manage their practice by providing critical tools such as workflow, email, calendar, reporting, time tracking, billing and invoicing. HotDocs’ pioneering document generation technology provides intelligent interview templates that guide the user through document creation.