Worldox® & Symphony SuiteTM

Worldox GX3® document and email management gives you a single, easy-to-use interface for finding exactly the information you need, viewing and reviewing that information, and taking effective action. As a premise based document management solution, it has a faithful following for law firms, insurance companies, consulting firms and many other industries.  It includes full text searching; version control; security by groups, user, or individual documents; and document retention and archiving capability. You have fast access to all the information you own, virtually anything that can be stored as a file, and you don’t need to install a separate enterprise database.


Symphony SuiteTM consists of two components, called Profiler and OCR.  Profiler can batch scan multiple documents and have them automatically and precisely filed to Worldox.  OCR allows images from any source – your scanner, email attachments, physical media, or existing scanned documents on your network – to be searchable via the Worldox full text search engine.

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