BEC CoreRelate Framework®


A Legal Database connected to MS Office…. …because your users connect to MS Office!

BEC CoreRelate Framework®Amicus® Attorney is a customizable, secure legal database designed specifically for Microsoft Office.  Users use Word and Outlook creatively to help them manage, organize and automate matter workflow.  What could be better than a product that does the same thing, in a structured way.  BEC’s CoreRelate does just that.

CoreRelate provides a central place for Client/Matter information, customized for each area of law or “workgroup.”  Information is entered only once and made available, seamlessly, to Word and Outlook.

Providing a legal database for MS Office helps with:

  • Organizing matter contacts and relationships
  • Calendar Management – personal, group and firm
  • Task Management
  • Court Tracking
  • Document Automation
  • Clause Libraries
  • Business development tracking
  • Tracking custom matter fields
  • Sharing case /matter notes
  • Tracking matter links, assignments

BEC CoreRelate Framework promotes firm standards, improves processes, protects data, simplifies training and saves time.

Whether you need help with one item or all items, please join us for this fast-paced overview of the BEC CoreRelate Framework to find out how it can help your firm!